Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pushed on through the day and got some stuff done.

So we were off at 8am to get our flowers.
First day off in a long time so I wanted to take advantage of every minute of the day.
In between my To Do List, I had cable guy and internet guy over running my cable and internet, so that's done too! woohoo.

This is my little helper for the majority of the day.

We got lots of flowers. They're so pretty.

I found this image online and fell in love with it. So I hope to recreate it in my front flower beds. 

I know it will take a little time to get there. I might consider some sort of Miracle Grow or something, what do you use?

I bought  Delphinium, foxgloves, small Shasta daisy and pink knock out roses.

I need to get some Snapdragons and a couple more Shasta Daisy then I'll just sit back and watch it all grow.

There is a lot of painting to be done on this old Bungalow of mine. But at least now she has some sweet little flowers to look at.

There's going to be a tiny little white wood boarder around the flower beds. It will be so sweet. I hope my Peony's like where I planted them. We even went to Dollar General for a few little garden ornaments.

Then this happened.....

I tackled it. After weeks of debating and reading and listening to people telling me the "best" way to do it, I got down on my hands and knees, sometimes flat on my rear, sometimes on my side... lol
I stuck to it.
I wanted to quit but I feared the dreaded overlap of stain.
I persevered. I really didn't want to. Believe me I wanted to cave. The smell was horrible.
My knees and hands were killing me.
Needless to say my back was so binded up (is that a word?) When I did stop I started getting awful spasms and thought I'd end up in ER.

But I just had to get it done. I have to be moved by June 15th and that day is coming very quickly.

I got it done! I worked every minute of the day.

I am so happy that I kept on chuggin along. It looks just like I hoped it would.
Yes it's not perfect. But I did it, and I did it by myself.
Many people (men) told me it wouldn't turn out right since I didn't sand it down 1/8".
Many also told me that the stain wouldn't hold along the edges since I didn't sand it with and edge sander.
But guess what, I think it turned out purty dern  good!!!
In 2 days I will go over with my sealer and seal it with a roller. 

I love how it looks. I wanted it to look worn and aged and uneven. I can't believe I did this all by myself.

Oh and it took just 3/4 of the gallon!!! Gal at Home Depot said I would need 2 gallons. Guess what I'll be bringing back for a refund!! LOL

The finish is going to be a matte finish sealer. I want the floor to look like it has been waxed and I THINK the matte sealer will give me that look. What do you think?

Soo... after it is all sealed and set I'll go in and paint all the baseboards, then start moving in.

K, this gal is hitting the sack. I hope I can get out of bed in the morning!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

The work I attempt cracks me up

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

So I rented the floor sander to do these floors
Here I go, never doing it before. But I sure watched 3 weeks of videos. And I have done floor buffing before so I think I can do this.

This is the living room.

Here it is after I was halfway done.

I plan to use a couple dark stains mixed together. I'm hoping for a nice finish and hope I did a good enough sanding.

But before I stain I want to do my walls, but wait, what's that up there under the drop ceiling?

Here I go, ripping down that T Bar drop ceiling. What a mess!!!
Oh yes there are a few problems up there but nothing I am worried about. Keep on ripping it out Jen. You got this girl. Yes you are Superwoman!

What a mess it makes. Be sure you have a mask on and a shop vac handy!

Nothing a day can't do when you set your mind to it. And I didn't hurt myself once.
And yes, that is my brand new Werner fiberglass ladder. Bought it just for my new home. I love Werner ladders. There are hooks and holes all over it for your tools.

TADA, here is my new old beadboard ceiling. It's going to be beautiful. I'll be putting a long 2" x 6" stained board along left to right where it's open. (click here to see what I hope it turns out like) Going to fill in the other smaller openings with bead board. Then a chandelier. 
Tomorrow I scrap the wall, put in some putty and sand down where all the t bar hardware was. THEN PAINT!!!

To be continued...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's like the song by Barenaked Ladies, "It's been 1 week"...

My new old home.

It's been 1 week since I bought you. And my mind has run away with me.
It's been 5 days since I looked at you. But I can't get you out of my mind.
It's been 4 days since I slept real well. The dreams keep me up at night!


This is why....

The floors need serious lovin'! And I mean serious! See the place had been rented out for a long time to college kids and, well, I don't think they really did much with them other than use and abuse.

Then when the college kids moved out and owners wanted to sell it, it just sat for over a year!

And as many of you know, I am a shabby chic kind of gal. Almost all of my furniture is white.

My walls for the most part are going to be Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan. You can see in the picture how pretty it is with white.

Isn't it lovely? The picture belongs to Becca at Adventures in decorating. I love her style and the color was just what my brain was thinking of. And I do think it will be lovely in my new old home.

I also think it will go beautifully with darker wood floors. And with my love also of Jeanne d' Arc style, the darker floors will help me with achieving that look. Take a peek at some of my faves:

(If any of these pictures are yours, I tried hard to find the original post to give you the credit. I take no credit at all for these pictures, as I found them on Pinterest) so without further ado, here are my faves:

antiqbr.blogspot (loooove it!)

tarahlowry.blogspot (love it)

Me & Alice (love it)

and again, mine...

Soo.... won't you show me yours??? Remember, my walls will be Manchester Tan and my furniture shades of white and floors a bit darker than what they are presently. 

As soon as I get back from training and get my walls painted, I'll be sanding and finishing them. So seeing some of yours might help me with my final decision on color.