Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a beautiful day for a booth re-do

It's been a really long time since I blogged about anything. So I'll start off with this sweet little cabinet I fixed up.
Looks so sweet with Gracie's reflection in the mirror.
 I really added a lot of goodies to it.
Pasted lace to the back of the wall. Secured some pearls along the top and bottom shelf.  I even put a little mirror inside so if you didn't get enough of your face on the outside, you can see you again on the inside.

 Of course had to trim out the shelf with some lace trim, Hung some ribbon bows and stamped some cute little phrases here and there. She really loved it. I hope she see's this post and leaves me a comment on where she put it when they got it home!! Thank you so much for loving it and buying it!!!
My pretty printed pillows. I hope someone loves them soon too!!

A little bottle I embellished and filled with all sorts of bits n pieces. So sweet.

 Nana's cupboard filled with white and brown glass.
 Lots of little treasures in every inch of the space.
 My pretty fingertip towels.

Miss Paris Angel

Lots and lots f lacy things to admire.

 I do love this shot. It looks very Frenchy, no?
 I have things hanging on every bit of the wall space. Every single item in my booth is for sale. Nothing is just for looks. (well except my huge crystal chandelier that is)
 I love this little corner now. Looks so much better with the things I grouped over there. Come on shoppers!!!
I have many more pillows to bring. So fluffy & big & cozy. And colorful in all the right shades of shabby.

Nice little sturdy chair and chippy and shabby. Would be great under a desk.

Had to show you once more! teehee

Every single inch is filled. Told ya!!

Hanging Lavender Hearts

There she is,  Looks good in brown doesn't she??

Some lovely scented soaps.

Sweet little overnighter.

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please do come again!!
Now it's my turn to look for sweet blogs.
xxoo Shabby Jen