Monday, May 7, 2012

Selling venues and events

May show has come and gone.
All that's left now is putting away all the small stuff and cleaning my workshop so I can start all over again.

I sell at this event only. But am considering doing a couple others, soon.
I rent a Uhaul trailer 5'x8' and fill it to the rims. I also load the bed of my truck and and the inside of my king cab, full of treasures.

I make some of my pieces. I always bring 1 or 2 of my Conservatories. At my events I always sell them for $150. This one went to the sweetest family with the 2 most polite and sweet children. I hope they love the conservatory for many years to come.

Other pieces I paint and embellish on. I bought 2 old wash stands this time in which the doors were completely ruined beyond repair. So I painted the pieces complete inside and out, and added some little fabric pieces to make a little curtain. This piece went to a very lovely lady with a beautiful shop in Brevard NC. Her name is Brooke and her shop can be seen at this link. I'm going to make a little trip out there and check it out in person. So I'll add a few photos of what I see, when I get back.

Setting up is always so much fun for me. 
I do try to make it like a little mini boutique. And my customers seem to really enjoy it. 

My closed sign. LOL

Now here are some of the sights around me.

I set up next to the sweetest most kindest couple I have ever met!!! Joe & Lisa. You can visit their website here. They are just adorable. And boy does Gracie love them too!!!

They have some of the prettiest silver pieces!! And such great prices too!!  $5 for most!! WHAT!!! FIVE DOLLARS?? Yep, cheap right??? I mean look at the elbow she put into cleaning all that stuff!!! Just gorgeous.

Saturday at ICA, they hosted an appraisal auction. People were sure lined up for that event! Wonder what item was appraised for an outrageous amount? Wonder if anyone fainted in there from the sheer thrill of their finding!! I always wonder if I have anything worth a ridiculous amount, and would I try to sell it or would I keep it??

This is my friend Tammy, with Refunked Junk. Her shop is a permanent building there, and is so packed.
You can visit her blog here. Get ready for some awesome music while you are browsing her site. She doesn't get time to update it much. But it is an awesome blog!

She has some beautiful pieces of vintage furniture and sweet treasures.

It's an ecclectic combination of anything you would want to look at.

My sweetest friend of all. Love you Gracie. And everyone that gets to meet her thinks the same thing. She just loves being there with all the action. It's a little too hot for a little dog with a black furry coat. Bless her little heart. So she went for opening day and closing day only. 

I hope you can come see us next month. We'll be in the same place. Lot #41 along the chain link fence to the right as you walk in the main gates.

A big thank you to

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