Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas in Kannapolis

I'd love to be with all of my family, live close to them, and most of all those feelings are even stronger during this time of the year.
All the things the grand children do, the questions they ask, the baking that they so enjoy...
The list goes on and on.

To help my daughters with last minute things they want to try to do. To take candid photos of everything going on....

Alas, instead I make a Christmas for myself.

Decorate and fluff and bake some yummy food.

Invite some sweet friends over. 

Enjoy some time together.

Eat some yummy treats.

And play Dirty Santa.

And know in your heart that you are loved, and you have lots to offer, and wonderful times lie ahead. Sometimes it's a little difficult to make it through this time of year. And with things weighing heavy on your heart sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.
So reach out to your friends that are nearby. Make them closer in your heart. Know that they love you.
And before you know it, you will have made it through.

If you or anyone in your family or circle of friends is the slightest bit lonely or depressed this Holiday Season, reach out to them with this simple message, "You are loved".

Merry Christmas Friends!!!

Shots from around my home this Christmas Month.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Sew Slip Cover - just in time for the Holidays!

Can you believe it will be Thanksgiving soon!! Do you entertain for the Holidays?
Do you like a quick little change for company?
Never fear ~ No Sew Slip Cover is here!!

10 easy steps from start to finish!

This is how I cover my sofa. I used 2 drop cloths and 1 chenille bedspread. If you have a quilt long enough to cover the cushions, that would be pretty too!! Or you can use 3 drop cloths for the entire thing. Read the entire project then put in motion one step at a time. Then come back and tell me all about it, send me a photo! One lucky winner will be drawn and posted on my blog!

1. Start by washing and drying your Painters Drop Cloths normal settings. Take cushions off of your sofa seat. You may need at least 3 cloths. Get the better quality too.

2. Lay out the cloth so it's even on all sides. Depending on what size you get and the size of your sofa, is which direction to lay out the cloth. Mine I turned long direction with the width of my sofa.

3. Pull up so the front hemline is just above floor. If you see the back of your sofa, I suggest to start on the backside first, then even up the front side. Leave the arms of the sofa exposed.

4. Now get another of the cloths and cut a large piece to touch the floor from the front of the arm around the whole side. The picture shows you how just on the side. But you will need to cover the entire front of the arm as well.

5. Now fold up and over the extra main cloth, up and over the arms. And make sure everything is tucked in nice and neatly. Take your time.

6. Then with your 3rd cloth (I used a chenille bedspread for this part) lay out very neatly so about 5-6" is laying where the cushions will be. Laying it neatly against the back of the sofa.

7. Make it as neat as you can over the back of the sofa. This will make it easy to lay over the cushions.

8. Now put the cushions back in place and pull the cover over the cushions. I always start in the center and work out. Take your time.

9. Tucking in every little inch. And when you tuck, tuck it neatly and make everything as flat as possible. You won't see it, but you will feel it, and the cushions won't lay right. Look at every fold and make sure it's all nice and neat. Now get some pretty ribbon or twin. I used jute twine here. Pull the tie so it's dangling on the floor, back and around the backside of the arm to the back of the sofa. Now pull it through the tuck and down in the tuck of the cushion/arm area and through to the front.

10. Now pull both ends so they are nice and tight and tie into a knot and then a pretty bow. Adjust the cloth so it looks nice and neat. And replace all of your pillows.

This stays pretty neat for quite a while! I have a very rambunctious little dog. She jumps, sleeps, terrorizes and plays on this sofa. I love it because I can pull the seat cover portion and toss it in the laundry as often as I like.

Here's my little sofa/pillow tormentor.  She loves the sofa cover too!!! We hope you do too.

Please be sure to come back here and comment on how well yours turned out, email me a photo of it and I will enter you in a drawing for one of my pretty pillows! 

Here are the only supplies you will need:
  1. Zoomed: Blue Hawk 8 Oz. 12' x 15' Drop ClothCanvas Dropcloth at Lowe's other hardware stores. About $20
  2. Lehigh 190' Heavy-Duty Jute TwineAlso at Lowe's jute twine about $3.00
  3.   Sharp Scissors - priceless LOL (do have some sharp ones though!)

Please be sure to come back here and comment on how well yours turned out, email me a photo of it and I will enter you in a drawing for one of my pretty pillows! 

Cotton Ducking Pillow Crochet Doily's Satin Ribbon

Happy Covering!! Ciao Bella's!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Announcing the Fall Banner Giveaway

Drum roll please!! drum roll sound 

And the winner is....


  1. New Begin
  2. Ruby Jean
  3. Sharon
  4. Graceful Rose
  5. Sharon I said
  6. About Vintage French Hen
  7. Anniegaprons
  8. Quiet the hearts
  9. Olivia
  10. Kathleen
  11. Jennifer Colvin-Allen
  12. Gina Marie
  13. Mary Mem
  14. Andrea Hartman
  15. Pink Cherub Moon
  16. Mary Dee
  17. Kathy Oct 24 11:51
  18. Shabby Shan
  19. Shonna
  20. Polka Dot Closet
  21. Di
  22. Tanya Peacock
  23. Cheryl Nouveaux Portmanteau
  24. Cheryl Oct 31 8:21
  25. Pam Burke
WOOHOO!!!!! Olivia - you are the winner!!!! AND... just look at her blog!! It's adorable!!!

Congratulations Olivia. I'll try to contact you and get your information to mail out the banner right away!!

And a huge thank you to everyone who entered. Tonight I will be working on my November Blog Post. It's a good one!! You will not want to miss it!!!!!

Ciao Bella's! Have a beautiful day in everything you do. Smile or hug someone. And know, you are loved!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not a very good blogger

I'm not a very good blogger, I must admit.
I get lost in everyone else's beautiful blogs and I feel inferior!!

What I like to do best is spend my free time looking at everyone else's blogs, getting inspiration, then working it into my home.
This is what I did in my spare time last week.

I made some burlap banners for fall.
I've fallen in love with the look.

The colors make me feel so comfy and cozy.
Do you love it? Would you like one? Read to the end and see how you can!

Before this little project I was attending my last show and event. It's a lot of work, and fun too. But it will be my last one unless I have a partner to help.
Here are a few pics of the things I brought.

I made almost everything I brought. Pillows, necklaces, jewelry bags, headbands.

The cutest little trees in burlap bags.

A suitcase table!

One of my garden Conservatory's.

Would you like to try to win one of my Banners? If so just follow me and leave me a little comment here.
This giveaway will end on the night of October 31, 2011 at 10pm. I'll announce the winner Nov 1st and email at that time.

Or, if you would simply like to go ahead and purchase one, you can find it here fall banner

Ciao Bella's!!
Have a super wonderful day!!!

If the comment form doesn't work, click here Add comment here
It may take a while for it to appear.
Good luck!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome here with Shabby Jen ~ Giveaway

We reached 50!!!
NOW, drum roll please.........
Lynn@ The Vintage Nest
Is the winner of my FIRST Giveaway!!!!
WooHoo!!!!! Congratulations Lynn!!!! Email me or message me through facebook or however you want, give me your address and I will pop one of my beautiful fall rag lighted garlands in the mail to you tomorrow!!!
Thank you everyone for joining my blog.
I'll have a new post in just a few days. I have been working on it hard for you.
Have a wonderful fall day!! And remember, give someone a hug today, it just might make their day!!
Tootles for now.
hugs, Jen

I've decided to giveaway a Brilliant Firey Fall Lighted Garland to one lucky follower. I make these often and people LOVE them!!! They really are pretty if I do say so myself. See at the end of this post to watch the list grow.

It really does say FALL. Reaching 6 feet. You can hang it anywhere, or lay it across a mantle or sideboard as you do with runners. It's really pretty like that.

Click this little icon and join my blog. When I reach 50 followers I'll use the RANDOMIZER and then whoever is #28 will win!! Woohoo!!!

Join this site

Pass this along if you will. I need the encouragement to keep up with blog world.

Have a great day friends!!! Ciao for now. 

Lucky #28 once they are all alphabetized, will win a lovely Lighted Fall Garland. This list will change until there are 50 followers
Once the 50th follower joins, the giveaway will close. Please keep checking back, and tell your friends!! Good luck!!
I've decided to just let randomizer choose one - I love the site. It's fun!!!
So what I will do  is first put it all in alphebetical, then click on RANDOMIZE and then whoever is #28 will be the winner. I'll post the page when I hit the 50 mark. Half way there already!!!
Have a great weekend friends!!

PS: I would love for you to hop over to Polly's Uncommon Place and check out all the lovely fall decor some of my co-members have made to sell. Just lovely!!! Click here: pretty fall handmades

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Harvest and Fall Blessings

Happy Fall my friends, and welcome to my first blogging for the season.
"For Every Thing, There is a Season" Eccl 3. I love this one don't you?! And oh how I love fall.
I love the colors of fall, the weather of fall, and the days ahead.
I've been crafting some things with all the autumn colors.
My lighted garlands to hang.

Some lighted garlands to lay out in your centerpieces.

A lit fall garland over a mirror, such reflection and sparkle.

I've even been making some pretty table runners and pillows.

I've finally even figured out the easiest way for myself, to make ruffles. So a few little pillows have been given ruffles too.

And vintage trim too!!!!

I can't wait for full blown fall to be here. 
I don't know if it will be as colorful as back home in TN.
But I welcome it with open arms and my big rake!! LOL
Really I do love it.
So to all of you, Happy Fall!!!!
And Blessings to all of those you love.