Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas!

I'm going to get a pine tree or fir, and plant it in my urn! I found the great urn in an alley in October. The town I presently live in has a free trash pick up in October every year. It's a great month to go alley shopping for interesting things that people are discarding. I loaded up on great stuff to transform. When I saw this urn I knew it was going to be a keeper. The conservatory standing next to it is made from old windows I also found. And the table it's all built on was a super cheap find.

I decorated our front porch  last night and surprised the family with it last night just before dinner.

This old house has 2 fabulous round posts on the tiny front porch. I wrapped them with mini white lights. How pretty it looks at night.

The pine and fir garland is wrapped over and down the sides of the front door.  The beautiful coloful tree was a pallet transformation made for my daughter and her children. It's so festive!!

My sweet little lighted North Pole sign can be found on my Etsy Page
After using the center part of an old headboard, I had the 2 sides leftover. I knew they would come in handy someday! So suddenly one day I knew what they were destined to become. Viola, here you have it.

Now for a couple spots in the house! ....

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