Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The post of posts! My new home and project.

Here she is. My very own DIY fixer upper Bungalow.
Deep in the center of KS is where I found this darling 1920 Craftsman Bungalow.
Making my home here near family and calling it home feels so right finally.
So, here's the new home.

I love all the details.

Look at that leaded stain glass!! I have 2 across the front of the house.

The living and dining are open to each other.

This is looking to the front door. Just look at the ceilings! No I won't be ripping it out. It's what stole my heart!!!!! (ps. do you know what those crystal ball things are called that go on the end cap on the banister? They are missing from the bottom of the banister and the top :( Please tell me in the comments below)

oh yea baby yellow!!! NOT! This kitchen has lots of plans.

Yep, this is my bedroom!! aint she a beaute? I see about 100 gallons of paint being spread inside this place! LOL Oh yea, the T-Bar ceilings will be going buh bye!!! They were put in for heat and air efficiency but I plan to just deal ha! I want the wood ceilings that are hiding up there!!!
(Can you guess how much paint will cover the walls in this room? Take a guess in the comments below. Whoever is the closest wins a prize!!!)

Uuuu scuze me, who paints such a bright yellow? This bathroom will have shiplap or beadboard. I'm wavering back and forth. Have you ever installed shiplap or wood slats??? I'd love to hear your experience.

Ok so you wanna come help me? Come on, this is my guest bedroom. Bags packed yet??  Nah, just wait until it's pretty. This green is pretty but it's not me.

The attic is finished and will be home to all my sewing and craftings. I can picture many days spent up there with Shabby Jen and Gracie. I vision new carpet and some DIY wainscoting or planks. Maybe a little built in bench by the window....

Ah the dreams I have been dreaming. The plans I have for this little home. 

She's all mine and I'll take you along with me during this journey.

It will be a labor of love, penny savvy and learn and explore.

Here is my Pinterest page about my plans: https://www.pinterest.com/soshabbyjen/for-my-dream-cottage/

I can't wait!

See you soon!! Remember, comment below on how much paint you think it will take to cover the walls in my blue sky bedroom. Winner gets a prize!!