Monday, March 18, 2013

This Little Lamb of Mine... is going to......

I decided to have a giveaway on my Facebook page. Wanted to give one lucky winner one of my cute little Lambie Lavender Sachets.  It's always hard to figure out the best way to choose the winner.
This time it was a no brainer, let Gracie Mae pick the winner!!!
Was so much fun!! And Gracie helped out a lot!!!

So here we go... Drum roll please....

I wrote all the names on a tiny piece of paper and wadded them up and put them all on the floor.  Gracie picked a single piece and here it is. "Gracie now let go Honey!"

"Who is it Gracie? Who is the winner?"

Oh!! It's Sharon Sutherland Wideman!!!! Sharon you won!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!

And here is your sweet little prize! Message me with your address please! I'll mail it to you in time for Easter. But cute enough to leave out all the time.

Thank you to everyone for joining in on my short little giveaway!! I'll have another soon. So if you aren't following my blog, be sure to now because the next one will be here.

Congrats Sharon!!!!! Woohoo for you!!!!

Tootles everybody, have a great day!!!!

Love from,

Shabby Jen & Gracie too


  1. Congrats Sharon! Great job Gracie! You're such a cute helper! Hugs, Leena

  2. What a helper Gracie is! Congrats Sharon!

  3. What a cute post Jen. Gracie did a good job! Enjoy your sachet Sharon. Jen, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment....that was nice. ♥


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