Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Harvest and Fall Blessings

Happy Fall my friends, and welcome to my first blogging for the season.
"For Every Thing, There is a Season" Eccl 3. I love this one don't you?! And oh how I love fall.
I love the colors of fall, the weather of fall, and the days ahead.
I've been crafting some things with all the autumn colors.
My lighted garlands to hang.

Some lighted garlands to lay out in your centerpieces.

A lit fall garland over a mirror, such reflection and sparkle.

I've even been making some pretty table runners and pillows.

I've finally even figured out the easiest way for myself, to make ruffles. So a few little pillows have been given ruffles too.

And vintage trim too!!!!

I can't wait for full blown fall to be here. 
I don't know if it will be as colorful as back home in TN.
But I welcome it with open arms and my big rake!! LOL
Really I do love it.
So to all of you, Happy Fall!!!!
And Blessings to all of those you love.


  1. Oh lookie!! I'm your first comment, lol! Hi Gracie Hi Jen~~~ Love your photos! so very fallish! and Yes, I do love that quote!!! Hugs to you


  2. Love everything you do Jen.

    Your little doggie is the sweetest and cutest ever.



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