Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a little post, nothing important, just sweet.

Take a peek at Daphne Nicoles blog - Beautiful Giveaway - wouldn't you love to be the winner? I know I sure would!!!

Sorry I haven't been blogging, I can't seem to get into it.

I'll try again soon. In the meantime, here is what I am working on today - pillows

And in making my pillows, I had to make my little angel a new lacey something to put around her neck. She's such a little doll.

Have a beautiful day my freinds.
Jen & Gracie

I'll try to keep current. And I'll try to post as often as I can. I invite you to follow me and leave me comments.

To start, I will attempt to show you how to create your own Garden Lantern.  Taking an ordinary glass jar and make it look old.

I love it. I am making many to sell at The Expo Show. Here is a sample, and I do hope you enjoy it and follow along with the tutorial.

Here are all the items you need to get started.

You will need rubber gloves, disposable paint brushes, paper towels, possibly some sort of adhesive remover (I prefer Citra Solv), Etching Creme, Modge Podge, Varnish.

The first step is to remove the label from your jar and wash and dry.

The next step is where you need the gloves. The Etching Creme is very hazardous. And I do it with the fan on and in front of an open window.

I use the cap to pour a little of the Etching Creme into, it makes a good space to dip my brush into. Brush all the way around the jar in one direction with a good coat.

Then once you are done, brush another coat on going the opposite direction. So I started going all the way around the jar in  a sideways brushing, then finished with a second coat going up and down. All the way around. And to top it off, I rubbed my brush along the rim of the jar to get the excess creme off my brush and to get a little etching on the rim too.

Be sure you read the Etching Creme label. It is some serious stuff. I am most careful with it. And I always do it on a paper I can throw out immediately.
WAIT about 10 minutes and let the jar set.

Then give it a good bath, remember to use your gloves!!!

I like to set mine upside down to kind of drip dry a little.

Then I stand them upright in the window sill to get a good air dry.

When they are nice and dry it's time to get your labels. I always go to Karen at The Graphics Fairy. She has the best images there. Of course you can go where you want, but she does offer them free. And sometimes she picks people for projects they did and puts them on her site :)
I printed these images using my MS Publisher, regular printer paper, my inkjet printer set on BEST and print away!!!

Using your modge podge, I first brush a little on my jar, then I smooth my image over top. Then brush on more Modge Podge lightly over the image making sure all the edges are nice and tightly adhered to the jar.

Then just let it dry on it's own.

While you are waiting for it to dry you might want to start figuring out how you want to finish it all off.
Here are the items I used to do just that:

wire, clippers, decorations of your choice.

Figure how much you need to make a complete circle around the lowest part of the rim. Leave room for making your loops. You'll see what I mean.

When you cut it the length you need, then twist a couple times.

Cut off the extra.

I like to try to tuck the ends in so I don't get poked. (cuz I always do )

Then with more wire, figure how much you need to make a handle.

This is where the loops come in. When you make the ring around the rim, you will also want to make a little loop on each side. Push the handle wire down into the loop and twist again.

It looks so cute filled with flowers.
And this is where I brush on a dab of the Polyurethane. It's really strong so I never do it indoors. Just dab a little over the image. That way if you leave it outside, it may last longer.

So which do you like better, BEFORE or AFTER???

I so look forward to your comments and would really love to know if you dare try this at home!

Ciao Bella's!!! Until next time, happy crafting!!

Complete list of items and where to get them:
Citra Solv - buy here
Modge Podge - Buy Here
Polyurethane - Buy Here
Etching Cream - Buy Here
Disposable Paint Brushes - Buy Here
Rubber Gloves
Paper Towel
Images - Get Here
glass jars of any sort


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's so cool, Jen. We're gonna try it!

  3. I LOVE IT! already have everything needed for making them, so how about you just send one our way?

    Really good tutorial!


  4. Jen ~
    That came out so cute and what a wonderful tutorial and fun new blog!!
    I have never heard of etching cream ~ that is neat stuff!


  5. Great job! Love these! Love Karen's graphics too.
    Use them all the time.
    I make jars a lot only a bit different.
    Very fun project!!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  6. Thank you Maria! I will try to share more as time goes.
    gu3 - thanks! Please do let me know if you try it!
    Annieg, thanks for the compliment on the tutorial, it was fun, lots of effort but fun!
    Lori, thanks for the comment. And you can use the etching cream in stencils on glass as well!!! Spray a little spray adhesive on the back of your stencil and press the stencil down very firmly. Then instead of painting on the cream, dab it on heavily.
    Rosemary, thanks so much!! Karen is great isn't she!! I would love to see the jars you make!

  7. I definately like the "after" better! What a great project and your directions are so easy to follow and complete! I can imagine how a bunch of these would look at night, hanging from tree branches or a fence or deck! You're right - Karen has beautiful graphics that are so easy to download and use. Thanks for the great idea! ~Leena~

  8. I LOVE IT JEN!! I will be trying this one too!! Your blog looks great!! I love the name :)) I tried following but for some reason or another it's not showing up. Mine does that from time to time too (both blogger and my facebook page). I will check back and follow when it pops up :))
    Take care and keep up the good work!!
    (soon to be follower, lol)

  9. Leena, thank you for your comment - I love the idea of a bunch hanging from a tree. How absolutely charming that would be.
    Michella, please do let us know if you try this craft. It was so much fun. Thanks for visiting!!

  10. love it! thanks for sharing!

  11. I am excited to have found your blog!! I see on the side of your blog under "Stuff I Love" has windows and doors - I love those too!!!

  12. hey Gibson neghboor!! I finally found your blog.....beautiful website and blog...putting you on my blog!!!

  13. Of course I would try it! The jar looks 100 years old and could be used for a lot of projects. So cute!


  14. So cute. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  15. oh wow. thank you for this step by step post. i have to many old jars and needed this diy idea.
    have a wonderful day

  16. Great tutorial..... could you stop by our blog, I have something for you!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  17. Lovely pillows Jen
    Miss Gracie is so PRETTY what a shweet picture
    Right now I am ready to find both of the puppies a new home LOL. The little black one is so thick the vet even talks about her beautiful coat!

    Maybe I need to find a way to bring her to you LOL

    I did the jars for lamps on my deck but coated the outsides of them with the modge podge and added a bit of color to it and put the solar lights in the tops they are great.


  18. Those turned out so cute! I really love all the new ideas that are being suggested for re-purposing jars and bottles! Like our landfills need more garbage, right?

  19. Very Pretty and I Love how you took and ordinary Jar and made it Fabulous... LOVE the graphics fairy... Great Tutorial by the way.. :)


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