Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome here with Shabby Jen ~ Giveaway

We reached 50!!!
NOW, drum roll please.........
Lynn@ The Vintage Nest
Is the winner of my FIRST Giveaway!!!!
WooHoo!!!!! Congratulations Lynn!!!! Email me or message me through facebook or however you want, give me your address and I will pop one of my beautiful fall rag lighted garlands in the mail to you tomorrow!!!
Thank you everyone for joining my blog.
I'll have a new post in just a few days. I have been working on it hard for you.
Have a wonderful fall day!! And remember, give someone a hug today, it just might make their day!!
Tootles for now.
hugs, Jen

I've decided to giveaway a Brilliant Firey Fall Lighted Garland to one lucky follower. I make these often and people LOVE them!!! They really are pretty if I do say so myself. See at the end of this post to watch the list grow.

It really does say FALL. Reaching 6 feet. You can hang it anywhere, or lay it across a mantle or sideboard as you do with runners. It's really pretty like that.

Click this little icon and join my blog. When I reach 50 followers I'll use the RANDOMIZER and then whoever is #28 will win!! Woohoo!!!

Join this site

Pass this along if you will. I need the encouragement to keep up with blog world.

Have a great day friends!!! Ciao for now. 

Lucky #28 once they are all alphabetized, will win a lovely Lighted Fall Garland. This list will change until there are 50 followers
Once the 50th follower joins, the giveaway will close. Please keep checking back, and tell your friends!! Good luck!!
I've decided to just let randomizer choose one - I love the site. It's fun!!!
So what I will do  is first put it all in alphebetical, then click on RANDOMIZE and then whoever is #28 will be the winner. I'll post the page when I hit the 50 mark. Half way there already!!!
Have a great weekend friends!!

PS: I would love for you to hop over to Polly's Uncommon Place and check out all the lovely fall decor some of my co-members have made to sell. Just lovely!!! Click here: pretty fall handmades


  1. Hi I would love to win your beautiful garland. So cute. Welcome to blog and. Hope you will visit mine too. Sissie sent me here. I'm your latest follower.

  2. your garland is very pretty!! welcome to blog land..

  3. Found your blog through Sissie's Shabby shack. I look forward to seeing all your wonderful blogs. Blessings!

  4. Just came over from Sissie's and thought I'd stop by to wish you well with your blog!
    The giveaway is wonderful, I can't believe you make very pretty!
    I'm now a follower!

  5. Hi- I popped over from Sissie's blog to say Hi! You don't have to sign me up for the drawing - I have won several give aways this year...but I am signing up as a follower because if Sissie likes ya- I know I will too! I am a Midwestern Nana-transplanted from Florida many years ago- and I LOVE you Southern gals! Pop by and see me when you get a chance..OH-And go visit DebbieDoo because she has a newbie party going on to introduce new bloggers. You will love her and she is a Suthern' gal too! Hugs and welcome to blogging- Diana

  6. Hi, Came over to vist from Sissie's , Love that garland ! Good luck with your blog !

  7. Absolutely breath taking...that banner is so amazing. Glad to see you blogging! and thanks for adding mine to your blog list!

  8. Hi, I'm just over from Sissy's. Your garland is Wonderful!, and your little doggie looks adorable in the white lace. Good luck and have fun with your new blog!


  9. Gorgeous fall garland! Would love to know the directions, in case I don't win. LOL

    Just became a follower!

  10. Hi Jen, Welcome to blogging. I found you via Sissie. :)

    I'm your newest follower. :)

    You have to be really patient in the beginning of blogging and have no expectations. Just get yourself out there and join other folks blogs, leave good comments and be patient.

  11. Just taking a peek at your new blog. The Fall garland is just beautiful. What a wonderful giveaway. Have a great weekend. Bobbie

  12. Gorgeous garland,you sound like this is not your first blog? Have a great week.Looking forward to getting to know you better.Denise

  13. Hi, Shabby Jen!! What a pretty blog! And I adore the gorgeous Fall lighted garland and would sooo love to win it!! I found your sweet blog while I was over visiting with my dear friend at Sissie's Shabby Cottage! Looking forward to getting to know you better ~ I've been on a bloggy break and just starting up again myself!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. Jen! I love your garland and have shared this post on face book! I would love to win this - thank you so much for the opportunity! You always make the most beautiful things! Have a fantastic weekend, sweets! Hugs, Leena

  15. Just came over from Sissy's. Love your Garland! What an awesome Giveaway!

  16. Hi Jen, welcome to blogland. Blogging is why I don't spend much time at Facebook. I found you at The French Cupboard and so glad to be here. Your garland is FABULOUS and I just know I will be #28
    cause I need it badly for Thanksgiving and all my company...(grin). Come see me....Lynn @thevintagenest

  17. Hi Jen, welcome to blogland. Blogging is why I don't spend much time at Facebook. I found you at The French Cupboard and so glad to be here. Your garland is FABULOUS and I just know I will be #28
    cause I need it badly for Thanksgiving and all my company...(grin). Come see me....Lynn @thevintagenest

  18. So gald I found you! I've these type of garlands and they are truly stunning! Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Jen, I am following you!! Yea,you will love blogging! A good way to jump start your blog is to go to Debbiedoos blog, she has newbie Monday every week and you will get a ton of new followers! Plus she has all sorts of tips for new bloggers



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