Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm in the mood for change.

Simply because I am.
Think I must have it bad too!!
It all started here with my porch.
Now I'm not done so this is just the start of it.

It all started with Cathy Scalice and her beautiful front porch.

I do things with pennies in mind. Pennies being, that is about all I am willing to spend. lol

Then came Rebecca Ersfeld ~ Oh My!!! 

Here is my ugly old mantle that came from TN with me and has been hiding in the far corner of my yard, out of sight. I'm sure you will see why:

Oh don't worry your pretty little head. It won't be staying like this I assure you!! But Rebecca's kitchen photo really inspired me!!

Hey, here's something you might not have known, Rebecca use to sell things to Rachel A.!! I had no doubt in mind that when I looked first glance at Rebecca's blog, I was in love with her style. I bet you are too!! I told Rebecca that I think she is the Queen of Shabby!!! wink wink

Oh boy, then I was inspired by none other than Niki Morrow With The Vintage Farmhouse!!!

See I saw how thrifty and wise she is with her pennies!! So I fell in love with her too!!

I fell in love with her kitchen island!
Well today on my junkin trip I found a piece of marble for $10!!!

Then suddenly I found this one!! And OMG you better get the tissues out. Because it's so beautiful that it will make you cry. I was laughing, crying, rolling on the floor, smacking myself in the face giddy over these photos from Jennifer Grey from The Old Painted Cottage ~ Cottage of the Month
You will not be sorry you clicked it!! I Pa~romise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which led me to think of having it and making an island of my own. 

So I also need my man, Johnny Depp. WELL!!! If you have your own island, you have to have Johnny Depp right? Oh well, wrong kind of island I know. But hey, it's my dream, let me live it!! lol

So I know I got a little corny on this blog post. 

But I got so excited with ALL of the beauty! And yes I mean all of it.

I do hope you visit Rebecca and Nicki's blogs. They are such sweet women. I can't wait to start my projects. Both of them offered to help if I had any questions.
I bet they regret that by the first day I start on my plans.

Until next time friends, it's back to my paint. I have a show next weekend.
You know where to find me!!
International Collectibles & Antiques Show
WhenMay 3 – 6, 2012
WhereMetrolina Tradeshow Expo-- 7100 Statesville Road ~ Charlotte, North Carolina 28269 (map)
DescriptionMORE INFO Hours: Thurs.- Sat. 9am-5pm Sunday 10am-4pm Regular Admission: $5.00 Seniors Admission: $4.00 *Thursday is dealer set-up day. We are open to the public on Set- up days. Be the first to meet the dealers and see what treasures await!

I'll be in space #41. I'm along the chain link fence as you walk in the entrance and then to your right. Look for my cute little tent space. I'll have many sweet little adorable little cutie pie tables, end tables, coffee tables, night stands and more. I'll even have refresher oils for my ever so famous Crystal Potpourri!!!


  1. Hi Jen! You picked some beautiful inspiration rooms! I love the old mantel and so glad that you'll be using the one you have! A piece of marble for $10 is a fabulous find! Can't wait to see your new island. And, if you're going to have the island and Johnny Depp, I must ask "Why is all the rum gone?" giggle! Have fun with these projects and I'll have a blast seeing the pics and reading the posts as they come about! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Leena

  2. Oh I love all your photos!! Esp Johnny! Good luck on your projects, I know they will turn out just as lovely as you are!!

  3. Hi Jen, Great photos....good luck on your projects!! I know they will turn out lovely! Hugs to Johnny :)

  4. You are just toooo sweet. I love Rebecca's style too. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year.

  5. I have only just discovered your blog and it is just lovely.
    I really wish I could take a peek at your stall but I am on the other side of the world ! I'll have to be content with the eye candy ! I'd love you to visit my blog too.....if you are quick you can also join the giveaway :-)
    Looking forward to following your blog and enjoying it all.

  6. I love that you show us how to take something that inspires us and make it our own.

  7. Great inspiration post, you did a great job on the front steps from the inspiration pictures. $10 for marble, get find! If you get a chance to do the Fancy Flea in Lake land let me know and I will give you the scoop. My son is getting married in November so I will not be able to do the November show, but I would be happy to tell you about it and the in's and out of this location. Good luck on your show



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