Thursday, November 17, 2016

6 Months and not much done still

I have a feeling this old house of mine will take me all my life to fix. But that's ok.

Right now my main goal is my bathroom. The walls were hideous and the floor was a little alarming. So on to find the right repairman and boy was that a feat!

Getting contractors to answer phones, return calls, show up to do walk through estimates etc etc... I give up! Then someone saw me complaining about it on my FB page. Thank goodness for her and smart hubby.  Boy will I keep him busy!!

So on to my bathroom. I am sure you remember this:

 OMG the yellow paint! And that head banger cabinet above the toilet! And the weak wall that won't allow a shower curtain rod to stay up. And the soft floor that well, needs to be fixed, and the toilet that never will fix!!

So here is what's going on and how I am surviving around it.

My lovely little 8' x 6' bathroom (plus the tub that is)

And here's the tub. I love this tub! Later on I'll have someone come refinish it because it's cast iron and huge!!! It's for sure a soaking tub. Did I mention how much I love it?

And the dreaded toilet. No matter how many times you fix it, it just won't stay fixed. I think because the floor is weak and it kind of moves sometimes. Anyhow, when the floor is fixed a new toilet is going in. And the rebates I get between Home Depot and the city, the new toilet will be free! WHAT? A free toilet? Yep free!!

I know you are saying "OMG I love her lighting!" Yep, me too. So soothing, efficient..... NOT!

Oh and look! Towel hooks!! I could hang about 1242 towels in here or just throw it in the air and it would probably land on one all on it's own since they are everywhere!

Oh this is my temporary door so the neighbors (if they are looking through my window that is), don't see me if I'm using my awesome bathroom in privacy!

But wait! There's MORE!!!!! BEADBOARD ceiling! It's going to be so beautiful!!!

I don't know how to turn this pic around but my new gorgeous French Pavers sheet vinyl in white, will replace the outdated stuff. The new one is a 4" pattern that resembles French Pavers. LOVE it!!!!

So that's what is going on right now. It's promised to be nearly done by Tuesday before Thanksgiving so my family can use the bathroom while they are here spending Thanksgiving with me.

I can't wait for it to be done. New sheet rock, new toilet, new flooring, a little larger space since I had them tear down a closet and open the bathroom up a bit. Now instead of a 4' x 6' it is a roomy 8' x 6', much better.

I'm using an old cabinet for a sink vanity, I did buy a new vanity top for it. And I've been drooling over Pinterest on how to decorate the bathroom when it's complete. I'll share those pictures next week I HOPE!!!

Tootles for now.
Shabby Jen